The Gathering Storm

Just a week left before my time off for Dragon*Con begins, and of course we check into the hotel on Thursday. Quite looking forward to it, as always. The room party we’re going to have this year should be pretty cool, and it looks like there’s a good chance our stance as a host room for the Port Royale Drinking Society’s now-Annual Poor Man’s Pub Crawl will lead us to new and fascinating heights of partydom. Woot!

Also looking forward to getting my photography on, as always. This is especially true given an accidental discovery last night, which is that my standard name brand rechargeable batteries can have my flash’s capacitor ready, even at full power, literally five or six times faster than the slightly higher-storage batteries that I’d been using for the flash.

Plus the costumes and all… we’re about as prepared as we can be with ours, though there will always be last minute fiddling. Still, fun!