Prop 8

The next ruling in the ongoing legal battle over HOT GAY SEX comes down today (Perry v. Schwarzenegger). I suspect Prop 8 will be struck down, but it doesn’t matter. Both sides are prepared to appeal and it’ll go to the 9th circuit where odds are extremely good it’ll be struck down again. And then of course it’s guaranteed to go to the supreme court.

It’s an interesting case though, and worth a read at the Wikipedia link. The state attorney general refused to defend the case, saying he believed Prop 8 needed to be struck down. Two pro-Prop 8 groups stepped up and tried to intervene by inserting themselves as defendants but were denied, seeing as how they weren’t actually the ones denying marriage licenses (which is the initial argument by the plaintiffs). Governor Schwarzenegger is the defendant presently, supposedly because he believes it’s important enough of an issue to need a definitive answer regarding the constitutional questions the challenge presents.

Regardless of the answer we get today it’ll get appealed, and ruled on by the 9th Circuit (chances are extremely good they’ll strike Prop 8 down). And then it will inevitably go to the supreme court. I expect the supreme court will either refuse to hear it if we’re lucky, or uphold it as a state’s rights issue.

It’s also possible that they’ll strike down Prop 8 for violating the 14th amendment, setting precedence and allowing the whole goddamned nation to move forward and attack more important issues like aging infrastructure, declining quality of education, widespread (and growing) racism, meaningful health care reform, financial reform, addressing the ongoing housing market crisis, etc.

HAhahahaha, yeah, I know.