Bears changes

So Lovie’s job is secure, but offensive coordinator Ron Turner has been canned. This is entirely unsurprising of course.

A couple of weeks ago when I complained about Turner dad pointed out “It wasn’t the offensive coordinator who through those four interceptions in the last game!” Which is true. But if you get a little more indirect and look at the playcalling you see some interference on his part. In the last few games the play calls changed up. Cutler was allowed out of the pocket more frequently and threw eight touchdown passes with only one interception. That’s an epic turnaround, especially since one of those games was a win against what should have been a sharply superior opponent in the Vikings.

The Bears have a press conference scheduled for today, likely to discuss this. Also getting the axe: Rob Boras, the tight ends coach; Harry Heistand, the offensive line coach; Pep Hamilton, the QB coach. More firings may happen. Rumors are starting to swirl that Rod Marinelli will move from the defensive line coach to defensive coordinator (Kevin Seifert, ESPN’s NFL North blogger, is skeptical… and by the way he’s the source of most of this information and a lot of other wonderful tidbits as well).

I’m dying to know who might get looked at for the new OC, but lots of rumors are bound to be flying as other teams make coaching changes. One of the more interesting rumors I’d heard was that former Broncos coach (and Cutler proponent) Mike Shanahan was an option, but he’s been visiting with the Redskins lately, has been rumored to be in talks with Buffalo as well, and would probably try to stick to a head coaching job. Who can say?

Still, there should be interesting things ahead.