Automotive Glee

I want an Alfa Romeo so, so badly. I want to know the dual joy and pain that it gives me, being excellent to drive until it breaks down for the weirdest reasons. As the automotive Oracle, Jeremy Clarkson, once said, “Alfa makes cars to be the best that they can be… briefly.” I did have some of that once with a 1993 Pontiac Grand Am GT in teal that I had. I loved it and loved driving it, but FUCK YOU SOLENOID PROBLEM.

And as such I am all a-twitter over a bit of news from last week I missed, and that is that there are reports that the new Alfa sedan to replace the 166 will be built HERE IN THE US. And while that sedan alone may not be what I’m after, the further confirmation that the Fiat/Chrysler deal will result in Alfas being sold in the US just makes me plain happy.