The Fat

A week ago tomorrow I restarted my exercising. The Wii Fit is now mostly just serving as a scale and a timer, but I’ve been doing the 30 minute run every day since then. In fact, most days are over 30. I’ll either be listening to my MP3 player and will keep going until the end of this or that song (and since I’ve been listening to a lot of 10-minute-long progressive rock stuff lately, that pushes it a lot) or in one case, until the end of the credits of a movie that was on TV. That one had me going for an hour and 5 minutes.

And is it working? As of last night’s weigh-in, I had dropped 3 pounds all week. That actually includes one evening where I had a half pound gain. A lot of that is probably water weight, but I’ve been drinking plenty to try to keep it replaced. Hopefully that downward trend will continue.

Of course, in a week or two something will happen to put me off it again. In the meantime I’m just trying to keep it going and even enjoy it as much as I can.