On the Crazy

A friend of mine said this morning that the craziness in American had become metastasized. That it had spread incredibly lately, infecting everything. And it’s true. The right wing fuckwads at the town hall meetings are the evidence of this.

There’s a considerable amount of crazy at both ends of the political spectrum. If you go to the far left you get the vegans, PETA (who paid off a domestic terrorist with ELF yet haven’t had their funds frozen), ELF and ALF, etc. And when they get together to protest this or that, what usually happens is that a starbucks gets vandalized and then someone chains themself to a tree.

There’s a sharp difference on the right wing side. There you start getting the truly hardcore conspiracy theorists, the openly and covertly racist, and the worst of all of it: the Nationalists. Nationalism is one of the most evil things in the world. And when they get together and start sharing the crazy, they form armed militias and start sending death threats to elected representatives.

Right now, the right wing crazy is experiencing a POWERFUL NEW BONER (to steal a line from Wonkette) over the health care issue, the birth certificate issue, and their unspoken horror at having a negro in the White House. It’s getting crazy enough that I and several liberal friends are starting to take a good hard look at gun ownership to protect us from the gun nuts.

But the right wing crazy has found the internet and that’s how its spreading. I wonder if we’ll be seeing riots over it soon.