Another Day of Productivity

List of Stuff Done (if not necessarily successfully)

  • Put new tires and tubes on my bike. The 1/4 mile test run wore me out.
  • Went to lunch for our anniversary.
  • Didn’t forget said anniversary.
  • Got parts for a neat decor project.
  • Succeeded in that project except for the spraypainting, which wrecks the whole thing.
  • Got sealant to fix the gaps in the gutters that are tearing up the house. Sealed what I could, but realized in the process that the house is much more torn up than I’d known. Considering complete re-siding there.
  • Helped Dad get his new water heater installed (though most of it was done by the time I was there to assist).
  • Found a new hobby store hidden behind Michaels. Glee! Visited with the nerds there. Not sure if I’ll go back after realizing that the money I’d spent on said hobby is now funding the much more expensive but much more useful hobby of photography.
  • Began planning to build a pegboard in the garage.
  • Cleaned up the garage considerably. Much more to be done there.

Today has been a generally productive workout. Yay!