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Flickr is doing videos now, which is the main thing keeping me on photobucket. I might need to switch over. Still deciding on that. But if that happens everyone who bookmarked it will need to redo it.

I like Flickr’s display abilities more that photobucket. I like in particular that Flickr will let you attach creative commons licenses to your albums, but in general it is supported by a lot more applications. Since my Linux adventure I’ve been looking for a darkroom app (hint: they all SUCK compared to Adobe’s Lightroom 2, which is windows only), but most have an option to auto upload to file sharing sites. Flickr, Picasa, etc., are always listed, and Photobucket is never listed.

So we’ll see.

edit- Here’s what I’d be looking at. I haven’t uploaded any of the videos because Photobucket won’t let you actually download them (of course).