Proud of the girl.

They announced a recall yesterday of that Simplicity crib, because the drop side may come loose and the kid could get stuck. Zoe’s too big for that to be an issue, but now the friend we were going to give it to this summer doesn’t want it. The plan had been to give it away and set Zoe up with a big(ish) girl bed, one she could get into and out of herself, and get her used to it. Last night, for the hell of it, we took the drop side off the crib to see how it’d go.

It didn’t go perfectly. We put the door gate up on her door so she couldn’t roam the house all night, and she spent a good hour opening and closing her door, pounding at the gate, screaming. A couple of times we went in there and sat her in bed and talked quietly with her to settle her down. Shortly after we’d leave, she’d be back at it. She did eventually get quiet and we checked, found her in her bed, and called it a night.

Nap time this afternoon didn’t go well either, but she did get to sleep.

But tonight, after reading some stories and putting her in bed, she only whined for about 15 minutes, never getting out of bed, and seems now to be asleep.

Such a big girl.