Well now yesterday was a good day.

It didn’t occur in this order, but I’ll first mention that my new video card arrived and works great. This had the bonus addon effect of letting me use my computer for the first time in four days. And as a side effect of that, I got to download the first of the new series of Top Gear, which I had been really looking forward to Sunday night. It was a good episode.

Item two would be that while I was scheduled for another 1pm-8pm work thing scheduled with those jackasses I hate on now, it was cancelled. Yay! I got to go home on time and everything. The best news of all was the why of it.

The whole problem had revolved around the fact that when we brought this new program into our production environment (my responsibility), it didn’t work. Over and over and over it didn’t. The guys who developed it were convinced it was my problem and wanted to wash their hands of it, because it worked fine in QA. Well, turns out that at the last minute yesterday, they found out that the problem is indeed happening in QA. Whoopsie! So they went off to try to fix the problem that hasn’t gone anywhere for us in three weeks now.

And to top it off, today the boss has decided to take the team out to go see Transformers 2 during work hours. That’ll be fun, I hope.