France doesn’t always surrender

When reading up on tanks in WW2 I checked in on one I remembered from my old days playing WW2 Online, the Char B1 Bis. I knew they were slow as hell and durable, but I found this tidbit from 1940.

“… on 16 May a single tank, Eure, frontally attacked and destroyed thirteen German tanks lying in ambush in Stonne, all of them Panzerkampfwagen III and Panzerkampfwagen IV‘s, in the course of a few minutes. The tank safely returned despite being hit 140 times.”

It drove into an ambush, got hit 140 times (I assume by shells from the Panzers, but it doesn’t specify), and still managed to wipe out 13 ambushers and returned to base safely.

That’s mighty damn badass.