Tertiary Dammit

This is one of the worst weeks I’ve had in a very long time. Most of it was really crazy crap from work, much of it out of hours. I also have been worn out and exhausted due to A) lack of sleep because of the aforementioned work crap, B) exercising.

On top of all of that, the team had a horrifically bad night at trivia this week, which is nice and depressing.

And to cap it all off, one of my two video cards has died. Normally this wouldn’t be so bad: I’ve got the two that run in concert to go faster, so I could just switch to using one of them. Problem is, that other one had crapped out three weeks ago. So now I have none and get to make a semi-emergency $250 purchase of one new one, well ahead of my upgrade schedule. I can afford that, but I’ve been trying to fill my savings and save up for a nice new camera. So this, the cell phone termination fees, the emergency cat vet visit, and hundreds of other unusual expenses lately are eating away at this nice, calm, peaceful hobby I’ve been enjoying. And I can’t enjoy the more violent hobbies, because my PC, my preferred gaming platform, is now out of commission until the new card arrives. My secondary, my XBox 360, died a month or so ago.

Although it’s not the healthiest attitude to take, the absolute worst part of this while thing is that the work crap is due to the fact that i’m on-call. So I don’t get to drink all my troubles away until monday morning at 9am.

Hopefully this all means I’ve got a nice karmic payday on the way. So far the only major perk I’ve noticed coming along is that they’re moving my cubicle at work. It’s only two cubes down, but it’ll put me further away from the main traffic lane of the cube farm.