The Day’s Accomplishments

After a trip to the parents’ place and letting the kiddo have a swim, we came home and got to work. I cleaned the back gutters, and the wifeling got the front gutter over the garage (which had two tiny pine trees growing in it). Then we trimmed a couple of trees. When I say trimmed I mean to say that one of them was getting way, way friendlier with the house than it should be, so we cut off a limb of about 6” diameter, probably 12-15’ long, full of leaves, and drug that (and a few slightly smaller ones) to the scar behind the back yard. Heavy lifting.

That particular tree we feel bad about cutting. It’s already in bad shape and has bark flaking off a lot. But the people flipping the house next door trimmed it similarly, so it’s probably already dying. So at the least it’ll be less likely to scrape up the house in its death throes.

After a shower, I put up a shelf in our bedroom over the door into the master bathroom. It looks horrible, unfortunately. The shelf is perfectly level. The problem is that the door isn’t. Bad words.

Tomorrow I might wash the car since it needs it and they lifted the no-watering-in-the-daytime restrictions last week.