Trivial Things

I can’t remember if I’ve mentioned it yet but I’ve been doing a weekly team trivia with friends. It’s a good reason to force me to get out of the house when otherwise I’d be sitting on my ass.

It’s been a lot of fun. We’ve had ups and downs. Last night we went from being in first place to finishing the evening fourth, from being the cool team with all the answers to being slightly worried that one of our members will get us kicked out by shouting assorted mild insults across the restaurant to his personal rivals (“SUCK ON IT THUNDERCATS!”).

You learn odd things, too. The Guinness Book of World Records list the most-watched show on the planet, airing on six continents in 1996 and having a billion viewers, as… Baywatch. Seriously. I guess a pair of sweater puppies bouncing in a bathing suit are the universal language, eh?

But it’s fun. Last night was my fifth week joining our team, and the first since I’ve been there when we placed (fourth, which is meaningless) at the end of the evening. Fun fun.