We started the week with our monthly departmental meeting, where we typically have a guest speaker. This time we had one of our internal tech learning specialists who gave an interactive presentation on innovation. We had an exercise to go with: we split into teams and came up with ‘wouldn’t it be great if’ ideas. At the end a spokesman for each team gets to read off the ideas to the whole of the group.

I was our spokesman. After being involved in a presentation late last year to the CIO and a bevy of VPs, I gained a reputation for being an amazing presenter (despite the fact that I hate it, of course). As such I got to present some of our ideas.

In amongst the ideas were suggestions for bonuses, complaints about office politics, requests for more telecommuting, etc. The first idea I’d put up there I was most proud of though, and I was ecstatic to have the chance to deliver it in the middle of my speech.

“Wouldn’t it be great if,” I began with a dramatic pause to be sure they could hear me, “we all got company Porsches. I know that I’d feel REALLY innovative in the mornings after screaming into the parking deck at the approved 10mph.”

Loads of applause for that. The director that was present just smiled. One of my bosses leaned over and began putting in an order for a red Cayenne. It was followed by the odd request for something Italian instead.

It was the best damn idea from the whole session. And afterwards when the director got up and referenced a few he thought weren’t feasible, he didn’t list the Porsches. I think I’m onto something.

I’ll take a Cayman S, dark blue, please. And a baseball bat to keep the wife away from it.