Being Green

I am concerned about environmental issues. No, really. Nature is a beautiful thing. And of course global warming is a big part of environmental concern lately. Automobiles get a pretty nasty rep for being the cause.

I’m a fan of cars. I love driving. And I’ve felt for a long time that cars have been getting undeservedly shafted by the green crowd. In fact, I once worked out that it caused less CO2 emissions for a 737’s full complement of passengers to each drive a Lamborghini Murcielago to their destination… and that’s the most polluting supercar of them all.

Some folks also talk about container ships being a problem, and I’ve always just agreed without bothering to think about it. Well, here’s reason to think about it. It turns out that the top 15 largest container ships? They put out more harmful substances than ALL THE CARS ON EARTH COMBINED. Not CO2, mind, but similarly damaging Nitrogen Oxide and Sulfur Oxide.

And yet those eco shits blame cars. They think that by driving a Prius they’re actually making a difference? My god. And it’s not even a case of “half the worlds shipping is as bad as all the cars!” It only takes the top 15.