The Re-Sodaning

A bit before Thanksgiving I gave up on sodas (side from tonic water and club soda, and those only for alcoholic purposes). The reason was largely to cut my calories, but also because I figured a four can a day habit probably isn’t good from a sugar point of view either. I haven’t even found it too hard to stick with.

Well, Erin bought me one of those bottles of the cane-sugar Pepsis they’re selling now. Since my diet hadn’t corrected or noticably slowed my weight gain, I figured what the hell and have been drinking it.

The first thing I notice about this reversion is that after a few gulps, I just plain don’t want it. It’s unappealing. I keep drinking anyway. The second thing I notice is the almost instant headache. I hadn’t cut caffiene out of my diet, nor sugar, just reduced both. I’m guessing the simultaneous rush is having an effect.

By now I’m most of the way through the bottle, though before the diet began I’d probably have been long done. I dunno. This is weird.

I need a glass of water.