More car news

GM has made officially official that Pontiac will be killed off. GM will be keeping Chevy, Buick, Cadillac, and GMC. And they’re idiots for it.Two luxury brands? Why bother? Ditch GMC since they’re all rebranded Chevy trucks. Ditch Buick and move their most popular car to Chevy to keep the old people happy. Keep Pontiac but clear out EVERYTHING they have, and stick to three cars: The G8 (the only good thing they have right now), a new GTO based on the new Camaro, and something small and nimble to compete with the GTI and the Evo and the Imprezza STi. Common brand, luxury brand, performance brand. Problem solved.

The UAW has also given in to Chrysler’s demands, clearing the last major hurdle before a Fiat deal with them. I am extremely excited about this. If Alfa Romeo starts selling in the US again I’ll have a very hard time hiding from the dealer how badly I want a Brera, or whatever its equivalent is by the time I walk into said dealership. My heart’s all aflutter thinking about it.