Interesting morning

I woke up with my alarm today only to find that the network at the office had gone down for the fourth time so far this year. So of course that meant we had some work to do to bring up all our apps again, and I had to rush to get out the door.

The alarm was set on a Saturday because I had early morning service scheduled for the VW. I arrived at about 8:30 as planned and I was the third person here. It was nice and quiet so I fired up the laptop. A few people came and went, the waiting area got a little more crowded as tends to happen.

And then some guy rushed into the waiting area asking us to call 911. Apparently over in the sales area one of the employees collapsed or something. Most of the waiting room rushed off to stare. Right now there’s a firetruck and an ambulance out there, and I have no idea what else is going on over there. I’m staying away to give them their space.

Hope everything’s ok. I also hope this isn’t indicative of a lot more excitement going on for the rest of the day, given the severe thunderstorms and probably tornadoes inbound.

Update- On my way out I found out the details. In the dealership there’s a stairway that goes up to some upstairs offices. Apparently this woman tripped and fell down the stairs, hitting her head and knocking herself out. We’re not sure how long she was there before the guy spotted her and asked us to call 911. The paramedics said her vitals were fine, but they were going to take her to the hospital. The office manager was going to go along with her.