A Farewell to Rex

Bears fans, some good news. Rex Grossman will be a free agent in a few hours.

Rex has, of course, been a very bittersweet quarterback for us. He’s had his ups and downs. His ups have often been incredible. His downs are generally mind numbing. Like all of Chicago’s quarterbacks, he was consistently inconsistent, which is probably quite a lot more painful than a QB who’s always bad.

To be fair, he had a rough start with the injuries and all. And he’s still one of the best we’ve had since… well, Jim McMahon, really. I don’t blame Rex for his failures. I won’t mind seeing him gone, but I can’t blame him.

The fact is, the Bears can never, ever have a great QB. In fact, if you look back at the team’s history, the last time we had more than an above-average-at-best QB was freaking Sid Luckman who played in the ’40s. And George Halas before that, the man who made the Bears the Bears.

So we just have to be resigned to our fate, and hope the defense can carry the day once again. The defense is pretty old now, though. It’s going to get worse before it gets better.