The Slightly Stressed Whopper

Tried one of those Angry Whoppers from Burger King. It was tasty and all, but it’s sold as the next in a long line of crazy spicy sandwiches for the thrill seeking daredevils among us.

I say this with complete seriousness. The one and only reason I wouldn’t give it to the two year old is that she’d make a mess of it. I think she’d actually quite like it.

Calling an angry whopper spicy is akin to calling fresh iceburg lettuce a flavor sensation. Yeah, you can kinda tell there’s a bit of flavor there, but, no, not really. Wait, maybe is that flavor… err, no, it’s not.

Which isn’t to say it was unpleasant to eat of course. The faux-spicy sweet thing wasn’t bad. The jalepenos were, like with all fast food, pickled and flavorless. The bits of something like bloomin onion on it were good though. But not exactly thrilling.