The Company Celebrity Thanksgiving?

Every year the IT department around here has a sort of potluck thanksgiving. It’s volunteer only (which is to say I don’t), though there’s usually a hell of a lot of food and it’s good fun. I missed it last year, but it’s today and I figure what the hell.

Well the lady who’s organizing it this year just sent out a nice cryptic email. It’s just a subject and this is it:

“All, We have SURPRISE guest that will be joining us today…wait until you see who it is!!!”

Oh well now we have a guessing game on our hands.

The most obvious stupid answer to this for most companies would be the CEO and stuff, as if we the unwashed masses would give a flying rats ass. But not so here: our CEO is actually a very common sight around here, and I’d expect him to pop in anyway. Not really a cause for excitement or surprise.

Our company also has a handy selection of local celebrities available: after all, we’re a media company that owns loads of TV and radio stations. So there’s a good chance… in fact I’d say this is most likely… that one of the local news anchors or reporters will be around. The only way I could really bring myself to care would be if it’s Monica so I can demand she explain why she changed her retirement plans.

But there are other possibilities. The Atlanta Mayor is a somewhat common guest at times when the company throws a party to celebrate crap like our conservation and what not. I don’t really think she’d step in for an IT thanksgiving lunch, but then, why would anyone do so? In the same vein, one of our local reporters ran for Senate. He lost in the primaries, but he could be a possibility I suppose.

It’s also worth pointing out that our senate race is in a runoff, and both candidates would be looking for any advantage they could get in getting out the vote. A luncheon like this for a large media company would be a useful venue. And when you extrapolate from there, the Clintons were in town to promote him a day or two ago. I imagine they’re long gone by now, and yet….

Oh well. If I find out I’ll pass word along. In generally I’m not one to fall all over myself for celebrities and/or politicians, and those for whom I would fall all over myself wouldn’t be here. So whatever.