That’s that then. Presidential election over. Obama wins it all by a pretty solid margin.

Still waiting on the Georgia senate races. It looks like we’ll be heading to a runoff vote there. WSB is saying that the number of votes cast is dramatically lower than the projected turnout, though, and seem to believe that some precincts in Fulton and Gwinnett haven’t reported all their early voting stuff yet. That would turn the tide in a big way.

Also, Liz Dole lost her senate seat in North Carolina. Normally I wouldn’t care too much, but she tried some shady advertising against her opponent Kay Hagan, tying her to a bunch of atheists and calling her godless. That in and of itself isn’t a surprise, but her opponent’s comeback was a complete bitchslap. You can watch it here.

I spent half the evening playing a McCain Presidency Simulator (meaning I was drunk and playing a post-nuclear apocalypse game), and the other half mocking the severely over-reactive right wing borderline white supremacist Free Republic forums. Almost had to go to the hospital when my massive SCHADENFREUDE ERECTION wasn’t going away. Heh.