Livonia: Not so bad.

Despite my commentary on it a few posts back, Livonia seems to be a pretty OK place. It’s rather mellow, relatively speaking. Of course, compared to Atlanta that’s not saying much. Still, it has a certain small-town-but-kinda-large feel to it. I could get used to this place.

That is, I could get used to it if A) the roads weren’t in really sad shape, B) Michigan’s DOT hadn’t come up with their own standards for U-Turns and left turn signals, and C) I wasn’t living in a hotel that is effectively in a mall parking lot.

Within the 5 mile or so roving radius between the hotel, the training center, the nearest fast food joints, and the areas I’ve accidentally explored due to wrong turns, there are two malls. One of them is about 100 yards away from my room at the hotel. Haven’t been in there yet, and I don’t really feel the need. The other is about three miles away and is undergoing hefty reconstruction, though signs out front declare it to be open during the construction nonetheless. One of its anchor stores is JoAnn’s Fabrics, too.

The thing is, there aren’t really any high-tech jobs around. The largest manufacturer I’ve seen is the Ford Automatic Transmission Testing Center or something like that, with a steeply banked test track and all that. If I were to live here I’d probably have to commute to Detroit. Ew.

Oh well. It’s a nice little place to be for a while. I’ve stayed in worse places.