Got through security and to the gate with no problem. Read for a while, and the Bears game (what a game!) was on the overhead TVs. They had a recorded announcement saying they’d board the flight about 30 minutes before takeoff. Departure was officially at 2:41. So 2:10 rolled around, then 2:20, then 2:30. The pilot and flight crew were standing by the desk and the pilot got on the overhead speaker and said there was a delay, and they’d get back to us.

So we sat, and after five minutes he came back saying they’d have to change plane and that this would likely mean a new gate, but they’d get back to us. In ten minutes the gate attendant said the new departure time would be 4:00 at gate A5.

This was at gate B3. The low numbered gates are WAY at the end of the terminal, quite a hike. So now we had to hike all the way to the transport system, go to the next terminal, and hike to the end of that. Great.

On the way I pulled up the flight details on my blackberry. was listing us leaving at 4:40.

Arriving at A5 we found that there was little room to sit. I got to sit next to a family of assholes for a while. Then they moved us to gate A4 across the way. Once we boarded the plane at 4:10, we sat on the taxiway for a good 45 minutes before taking off.

Then at Detroit there was a half hour delay getting our luggate off the plane. Woo.