The Trainening 3

So I’ll be staying in beautiful Livonia Michigan (suburb of Detroit) most of next week for training in… stuff. I forget exactly. So what.

That’s right! An almost all expenses paid three day working vacation to one of the colder parts of the nation in mid-October. It’s funny, when I made the reservation for the hotel they were having a deal for a “Romantic Getaway” there in Livonia. Maybe I’m just not the romantic I used to be, but a semi-industrial-park suburb 15 miles from the airport of Detroit isn’t really what I’d call romance-ish. Especially since the recommended sightseeing of the romantic getaway package included touring the Rennaisance Center, which is GM’s headquarters.

Oh yeah. Nothing gets me going like a massive corporate headquarters for an automotive manufacturer that’s been seeing piles of layoffs for the past year or so. Hot.

Note to self: look into training in Nurburg and rent a Porsche, then charge access to the Nurburgring to the company as highway tolls.