Wait, aren’t we a first world nation?

So Nebraska passed some legislation in an attempt to curb abortions, especially at-home abortions. The law says that there will be no criminal repercussions for parents who drop kids off at hospitals and abandon them. It’s called the Safe Haven law. It’s a noble idea on paper, but some of the legislators had a minor concern: they had defined a kid as ‘under the age of 19.’ Erm.

Now we, being reasonable human beings, would assume this is a technicality. Surely only newborns and the occassional one or two year old would be dropped off. Not so. Just the other day, a man (I was gonna say gentleman, but, no) dropped of 9 of his own kids. Their ages? Ranging from 1-17. SEVENTEEN. A few other kids in their teenage years have been dropped off as well since this went into effect in July.

Now that doesn’t say much for the father there, but imagine being those kids? “Sorry Suzie, I have to cancel our date. Dad’s loading us up in the truck and will be abandoning us at the hospital.”

Sweet balls, what is wrong with humanity?

And it occurs to me that this individual is probably still allowed to vote.