Heavy drinking will apparently save social security.

This is from another blog over at the NY Times. They have good stuff, worth checking out.

But apparently binge drinking is good for social security. Why? Because 1) heavy drinkers apparently tend to have larger incomes and therefore contribute more money on the whole, and 2) they die earlier, therefore not taking money out of social security.

The plain fact is that responsible drinking will only harm the elderly in the long run. And what kind of person are you that you don’t have the best interests of our elderly at heart? It sickens me to college kids not doing all they can to save social security. Obviously privatizing it isn’t the option or it would have been bankrupted over the past week.

You’re not doing it for the kids. You’re doing it for your grandparents. So this Gin and Tonic (and the four after that) is for you, grandparents of the world.