On de-stressing

I have problems with stress. Like big problems. Tragically, due to the last site dying we have forever lost my blood pressure rant about that one former coworker that I wanted to defenestrate the fuck out of. That fat useless bastard. Man you could have listened when I answered your questions and saved us both so, so much pain. God I hate you. I can’t even remember your name to curse you.

Ah, anyway. That one highlighted the problem nicely.

I’ve been working on the de-stressing thing. Finding ways to mellow after a day at work, good or bad. Because you have to. So far, this is what I’ve got:

  1. Driving home from work at fast-but-not-quite-reckless speeds. I love my VW Rabbit. Sure it’s got a relatively tiny engine, but the chassis is that of the legendarily stable/grippy/awesome GTI, making it a freaking blast at all times.
  2. 70’s rock and/or funk music, or modern discordant/ambient grooves a la Boards of Canada (their song 1969 is creepy and delightful, always relaxing).
  3. My most recent hobby, the epically soothing Gin and Tonic. When working from home it’s extra nice. 5pm rolls around and suddenly it’s time to board the good ship G&T.

Note that 1 and 3 never ever mix. But 2 mixes with either perfectly.

What gets to me lately is that video games are rarely part of the equation anymore. They used to be all I had, to be honest. And it’s still good to go in for a Team Fortress workout now and again. But nowadays they just get so aggravating. They simply don’t help.

I keep getting told that exercise is good for that too, but that’s just a complete lie. The last thing I want to do when I’m already mad is to get all sweaty and out of breath after cruising on a treadmill for a while. The thing is, though, this will also mix with 2. And now that I think of it, maybe 3. Hmm.

How to groove out with Jed on Item 2:

  • Cream does a lot of good stuff.
  • Some CSNY, especially the Deja Vu and So Far albums (not really rock or funk but it works)
  • Boards of Canada
  • Uriah Heep
  • Nightmares on Wax (really soothing ambient stuff)
  • Queen (Don’t Stop Me Now, voted best driving song ever. Second to Radar Love in my book but still excellent)
  • Roxy Music (Love is the Drug, baby)
  • Roy Ayers

And in case you want to join me on the HMS G&T, get a lowball glass. Fill with ice cubes. From there fill it 2/3 with tonic, 1/3 with gin. Add two (TWO, DAMN YOU) slices of lime, squeezed. Refreshing, plus it prevents malaria and scurvy! Mix this with the Nightmares on Wax or Boards of Canada stuff for super mellow-ocity.