Ok, well this works then.

Right, so here’s what went on and all. When I left the last job a couple years ago, I had a website on the servers there. It was what they did, after all. Host websites. Having my own was just a perk. But I left and didn’t take it down, and it just kept going. So screw it, I kept using it. Apparently recently they took it down, or more likely, the server it was on died (and I suspect the latter because of the error message it’s putting up, but also because my login still works through FTP but all the files are gone, and the FTP server seems to have changed from windows to Linux).

So I just pointed my domain here to Tumblr, a free blog service. Simple enough. It’s not like I had anything else interesting going on anyway.

The link to Zoe is at the right over there. Eventually I might pretty it up a little. But that’s that.